49 BEST Sex and Marriage Posts of 2012

Okay, I know there were more than 49 fabulous posts this year.

I just can’t read all I would like to read.

Anyway, below is a GREAT list, though.

These posts really grabbed my attention this year.  Take the time to revisit them if you missed them the first time.

In no particular order, please enjoy:

1. Promise to Rub Her the Right Way by The Generous Husband (Great post on massage!)

2. ESPN Comes to the Bedroom by J at Hot Holy Humorous (Clever. Funny. As Always.)

3. Chutzpah and Common Sense  by Happy Wives Club (Love it)

4. Heroic Love is for the Movies by Happily Married After (So insightful!)

5. How Important is Technique by J of Hot Holy Humorous

6. Oral Sex: How To by J of Hot Holy Humorous (Again, very funny)

7. The Choice is Yours by The Generous Wife (One of the BEST posts I’ve ever read about submission).

8. Some Hard Questions by The Generous Wife (Regarding spiritual leadership in the home and if the husband won’t lead)

9. Soul Mate or Sole Mate by J of Hot Holy Humorous (Do you believe in soul mates?)

10. Drive-Thru Sex: The Quickie by J of Hot Holy Humorous (Delightfully funny).

11. What’s On Your Playground by The Generous Wife (Great reminders about making your sexual playground all it can be).

12. Submission = Freedom. Huh? by One Flesh Marriage (Another phenomenal post about submission. Well worth the read).

13. Submission = Responsibility by One Flesh Marriage

14. 23 Marriage Lessons by One Extraordinary Marriage (I just love Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo.  Such tremendous advocates for healthy marriage).

15. Marriage: Mission Possible Wrap Up by One Flesh Marriage (Great compilation of posts!)

16. Don’t Just Lie There: Say Something! Asking for What You Want by Sheila Gregoire (Such a valuable post for us gals… we need to talk vulnerably and specifically about sexual pleasure!)

17. Christian and Sexy by Pearl’s Oysterbed (Is it possible to be Christian and sexy! Yes!!)

18. Ten Things I want to Tell Teenage Girls by Kate Conner (Every parent and teacher should read this post!)

19. Dear Boys… by Kate Conner (Kate chimes in on what boys need to hear. Ditto for what I said above…. every parent and teacher should read this post).

20. Where to Have Sex by J of Hot Holy Humorous (So good. So very good).

21. Porn for Women by Mystery32 (One of the BEST blogs I read about the problem with 50 Shades of Grey).  Also includes links to other posts by marriage bloggers concerned about the book).

22. Same Sex: My 2 Cents, Adjusted for Inflation by The Generous Husband (Brave and needed commentary regarding how the church deals with homosexuality).

23. The Right Attitude for Improving a Marriage by Sheila Gregoire (What’s not to like about Sheila? Seriously).

24. My Husband is a Greek God by One Flesh Marriage

25. Rebuilding Trust in the Bedroom by J of Hot Holy Humorous (If you have been wronged sexually by your spouse, this post offers great insights).

26. For Wives: When You Don’t Desire Sex by J of Hot Holy Humorous

27. Can We? Can We Not? by Mystery32 (In-depth post that really peels back the layers on what is okay in bed).

28. Christian Men and Sexual Frustration by Elevate Your Marriage (How do you deal with your sexual frustration? This post gives helpful suggestions).

29. It’s Not Worth It by Marriage Life Ministries (A raw look at questions you should ask yourself if you are ever considering an affair).

30. 10 Confessions of a Sex Positive Husband by One Flesh Marriage (Thanks Brad for the revelations! Love this post!)

31. 7 Steps to an Affair by J of Hot Holy Humorous (So well written. Again, if you’ve ever wondered if an affair could happen in your marriage, consider these words of wisdom).

32. The Bible’s Answer to Sexual Temptation by J of Hot Holy Humorous (Sexually tempted? Consider what the Word says).

33. The Greener Grass Syndrome by Sheila Gregoire (I love this commentary on the tendency nearly everyone has to gaze at someone else’s life… and think it’s better).

34. How Often Should You Have Sex by J of Hot Holy Humorous (Digs beneath the obvious answers to this age old question. Well worth the read).

35. Where to Find Specific Marriage Advice by Sheila Gregoire (Such a FABULOUS post, because it contains links to posts on some of the most common questions regarding marriage issues).

36. How About a Lot of Great Vanilla by The Generous Husband (Both husbands and wives should read this post.  Clearly one of my favorites of the year!)

37. Avoiding the High Cost of An Affair by Assume Love (Should be required reading for all of us married folk. Love this post).

38. Be Your Husband’s Sure Thing by J of Hot Holy Humorous (Gals, I bet a lot of your husbands feel this way.)

39. High Drive, Low Drive, and Perception Trumping Reality by The Generous Husband

40. Sabbath Rest and Sex by Becoming His Eve (Have you placed a high value on sex? Have you underestimated all it could be in your marriage?)

41. Counter Culture Marriage by Journey to Surrender (Great, great take on how a sense of entitlement has eroded so much in our society and our marriages. Love this post.)

42. Teaching Children About Sex by iMom Specialist Joanne Miller (I’ve written often about this topic and I love to hear the perspective of others as well!!)

43. Why Do You Always Talk About Sex by One Flesh Marriage (A shout out for all of us who are such advocates for nurtured sexual intimacy in marriage).

44. Sex Your Parents Style by One Flesh Marriage (If you’ve struggled with what your parents or church taught you about sex, this post is for you).

45. Cohabitation: Why Will Women and Men Not Commit by LarrysMusings (I found this to be thought-provoking commentary on couples who choose to live together rather than get married).

46. Free to Say Yes by Karen Rabbit of Today’s Christian Woman (This is actually a post from 2011, but it’s incredibly vulnerable regarding wives who were sexually abused in the past and are now trying to navigate sex in their marriages).

47. Hounded by the Foxes by Joseph and Linda Dillow and Peter and Lorraine Pintus (Again, an older post, but I read it for the first time this year. Such profound wisdom about sustaining and strengthening a marriage).

48. The Quick Fix-It Sex Pill by Lindsay Novak of LiveWell Nebraska (An insightful look at erectile dysfunction drugs and how a couple would be wise to take a more comprehensive approach to their sexual struggles).

49. A Wife’s Insecurities: A Husband’s Response by Justin of Do Not Disturb, guest posting on Hot Holy Humorous. (Valuable insights Justin!!)

Thank you to all the amazing marriage bloggers out there! Keep it up! Your voices make a difference…

Copyright 2013, Julie Sibert, Intimacy in Marriage Blog.

9 thoughts on “49 BEST Sex and Marriage Posts of 2012

  1. Brad & Kate says:

    Thank you Julie! What an awesome list! There were so many awesome blogs and posts this year I have no idea how you were able to compile such a great listing! The ones you missed were all of the awesome ones you posted!!!

    Keep up the awesome work!
    God Bless,
    Brad & Kate!

  2. Hannah says:

    Thanks, Julie, for the honor of being included on this list. I’ll definitely check out the other posts when I get a chance. It’s always wonderful to learn from other marriage bloggers, especially those who’ve been married longer. May God continue to bless your ministry.

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