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Sometimes Marriage Is Hard

sometimes-marriage-is-hardWell. Maybe a lot of times marriage is hard. I guess it depends on the marriage.

But at least sometimes marriage is hard. On that I think we can all agree.

And there’s no way at the beginning that you can anticipate how hard the hard is going to be. There’s just no way. And that sucks.

And, of course, how equipped we are at any given time to deal with the degree of hardness… well… that can be quite the unknown, too. 

I’ve been cocky at times, thinking I was way more equipped than I probably am.

So we take deep breaths. I’ve been taking a lot of deep breaths.

We figure out how to do some self care. I’ve been doing some self care.

And we pray the hard times aren’t more tenacious than our tenacity to endure them. I’m guessing if you are married, you know what I mean.

Sometimes neither of you is the hero. Or the villain. Sometimes you just exist as best you can, piece mealing your way through until the burden isn’t so heavy and the darkness not so dark and the hardness not so hard.

But there’s really no way to deny it. Sometimes marriage is hard.

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