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Are You a Higher Drive Wife?

If you answered yes to that question, then hear my heart on this…you are not [...]

Wives: Unlock Your Orgasm!

If you struggle having an orgasm or even if you simply want to better understand [...]

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Getting Real Talking about Orgasm!

I was humbly blessed that Personal Relationship Coach Dana Che of Real Relationship Talk invited me [...]

3 Reasons I Recommend Married Sex Book By Gary Thomas and Debra Fileta

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A Wife Who Enjoys Giving Oral Sex? YES!

I am one of those wives. I am! And I suspect there are more than [...]


3 Things Robbing Married Couples of Great Sex

Yes. I know. I’m living proof there are more than three things. I could lay [...]


3 Ways to Agree on Sexual Frequency in Your Marriage

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Will You Invest in Your Intimacy in 2021?

Will you invest in your intimacy in 2021? What does that look like for the [...]

Will You Be Naughty and Nice With Your Beloved?

I’ve written you all a Christmas poem to inspire some good cheer and sexual fun. [...]