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3 Unexpected Gifts Your Marriage Bed Needs Most

Ahhh, it’s that time of year when our attention (and wallet!) turn toward gift giving. [...]

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Do You Always Expect Your Spouse to Read Your Mind Regarding Sex?

This seems a bit counterintuitive. But bear with me. In marriage, we do spend quite [...]

Is There a Double Standard in Marriage When it Comes to Orgasm?

For how far we’ve come with women’s equality, it’s fascinating to me that a wife’s [...]


Are You a Good Steward of Sex in Your Marriage?

I definitely was not a good steward of sex in my first marriage. And there [...]

3 Tips to Make a Sexual Encounter in Your Marriage Fantastic

When I think back on the incredible sex my husband and I have had over [...]


Listen Up. The Voice-Activated Sex Toy Came.

Okay, I have nothing to report quite yet, because it just came today. And I [...]

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It’s Okay You Have to Learn How to Have Great Sex

Many newly-married couples are apprehensive about sex. Sometimes even couples who have been married quite awhile [...]


Want Great Sex in Marriage? Do These Things.

My heart is to reach people who want to be reached on this topic of [...]


The Arousing Power of Tingly Touch

I’ve been thinking a lot about touch. And then a dear friend and I were [...]

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