I have seen the difference intimacy coaching can make for a married couple, which is one of the reasons I find my work as an intimacy coach so rewarding!

Let’s dig in to some of the questions you may be asking…

How can intimacy coaching help my marriage?

Intimacy coaching can be quite transformational. Coaching can help you and your spouse get unstuck! Wouldn’t it be great to move beyond the struggles that have left your intimacy floundering or non-existent? When sexual intimacy is mutually enjoyable and honoring, it has tremendous potential to strengthen your oneness, boost your overall sense of wellbeing, and infuse your relationship with passion, trust and fun. The ripple effect of all that can be powerful in your lives.

As an intimacy coach, I am a safe confidential person who is well versed on sexual intimacy in marriage. I can be a valuable resource to help you experience the passionate sex that honors both you and your spouse and honors God

How does intimacy coaching work?

Intimacy coaching is all about identifying roadblocks and developing specific strategies to move beyond those struggles. Through conversation, we focus on what you can do going forward to experience healthier and more satisfying intimacy in your marriage.

As a coach, I am a resource and support. We unpack a shared vision toward sexual intimacy that is fulfilling physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am committed to a high level of integrity, so it’s important for you to know that this arrangement is through talking. At no time will I see either you or your spouse naked or engaging sexually.

Coaching is about having a safe sounding board and avenue for helpful insights, as we talk through the strategies that can move you toward better sexual intimacy in your marriage.

Who will you coach?

I coach wives individually or married couples. I work with people who are committed to intentionally exploring strategies and goals to improve sexual connection in their marriage. I am open to having individual discussions with husbands if I am already coaching the wife, and both are in agreement with the husband and I speaking.

What does a typical coaching session look like?

As a coach, my heart is to understand the issues surrounding your intimacy, as well as what you want intimacy in your marriage to be. I discover this by asking you questions and giving you space to share. We strive to simply have a conversation so I can better understand.

Once I understand where your intimacy is right now, I can then offer insights, strategies and actions to help you incrementally grow. I like to say that improving intimacy is a messy walk in the right direction! It’s a walk worth taking, because your marriage is worth it, and individually, you and your spouse are each worth it!

How do you conduct coaching sessions?

Coaching is done primarily through phone calls. A coaching session typically lasts one hour. We can do Zoom calls for discussions if you would prefer Zoom calls. Most sessions, however, are done through phone calls.

Is the first call really FREE?

Yes! I do the first call for free to determine if the coaching arrangement would be a good fit. If you want to continue with me as a coach, I have you sign a brief agreement that simply explains that you are responsible for your choices and either of us can end the coaching relationship at any time. It also explains that if something comes up in a coaching session that I think is beyond the scope of my expertise, I will recommend you seek the opinion of a healthcare professional, licensed counselor or other resource.

Do I have to commit to a certain number of coaching sessions?

No. You can choose as many or as few coaching sessions as you would like, as well as the interval at which they happen. I want the arrangement to be helpful for you. If you want to talk every week, great! If you want to talk once every six months, that’s great, too! And if you feel just a couple of coaching sessions sets you on the right path toward better sexual connection in your marriage, fabulous!

It’s all about you benefitting from the coaching.

What does coaching cost?

After the initial free call, investing in your marriage with me as your intimacy coach is $85 an hour. I truly do see it as an investment, not unlike the way you nurture your marriage in other ways.

What should I do next?

If you have more questions and just aren’t sure yet about coaching, why not go ahead and take advantage of the free call? My experience has been that in that one phone call, we can determine if coaching is something that would be a good fit and interests you.

If you want to know more about intimacy coaching, email me at jksibert@cox.net or call me at 402-981-4339. I look forward to talking with you more and answering any questions you might have!