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Does the Chaos of Christmas Leave Room for Sex?

Christmas is in less than week. I like to think that this is the year [...]


Have You Read These Sexy Posts Yet?

All for your reading pleasure (and hopefully some sexual pleasure, too), I offer up the [...]

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Sexually Speaking, What Will Help You Move Forward With Confidence?

I received a comment the other day from a faithful reader who shared that he [...]

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3 Ways to Get Out of a Sexual Rut in Marriage

I’ve long said that all sexual encounters are not created equal. The same also can [...]

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3 Sexual Things to Figure Out BEFORE You Get Married

Some of you are already discouraged reading that headline. You are married. Sex is a [...]

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Don’t Let Your Sexual Past Define Your Sexual NOW

I knew a guy who loved the chase. He was all about the chase. When [...]


Life is Short. Have Sex.

My oldest son just turned 21, and I remember when he was a baby, we [...]


Imprisoned by Your Sexual Inhibitions? Want to Break Free?

I’ve been thinking about sexual inhibitions. And the problems they create in a marriage. Maybe [...]


Be His Porn Star? Here’s the Problem…

Occasionally, I receive comments that track along this line… “Wives, you should be his porn [...]