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Ready for Better Sex in Your Christian Marriage?

As I look back over my nearly two decades of marriage and I see the [...]

Who is the Slacker in Your Marriage?

I know. It’s not you. Or maybe it is. The more likely truth is both [...]

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Where Have You Been, Julie?!

I know, right?! I posted a blog EVERY DAY of 2020, and here we are [...]


Will You Embrace the Possibilities of 2021?

Can you believe it?! 2020 is drawing to a close. Regardless of what you’ve encountered [...]


Build on What Is Working in Your Sexual Intimacy

I spend a lot of time encouraging couples to address what isn’t working with sex [...]


3 Ways to Agree on Sexual Frequency in Your Marriage

In all my years of speaking and writing on sexual intimacy in marriage, I have [...]


Will You Invest in Your Intimacy in 2021?

Will you invest in your intimacy in 2021? What does that look like for the [...]

Will You Be Naughty and Nice With Your Beloved?

I’ve written you all a Christmas poem to inspire some good cheer and sexual fun. [...]


Don’t Miss this Free Online Marriage Forum

One of the best parts of being a Christian writer and speaker on marriage and [...]