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5 Signs You’ve Gone Too Long Without Sex

I know when it’s been too long. I can feel it. I think every aspect [...]


Don’t Let Your Sexual Past Define Your Sexual NOW

I knew a guy who loved the chase. He was all about the chase. When [...]


5 Weird Things I Face as a Christian Sex Blogger

Being a Christian wife who blogs about sex is not all confetti and party hats. [...]

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Do You Think You’re Sexy in Bed?

When I was young, I was super self-conscious about my looks. Red hair. Freckles. Awkward. [...]

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Pursuit of Passion Chapter 4: Preparing for Your Honeymoon and Marriage

I’m spending Thursdays giving you an overview of chapters of my book Pursuit of Passion: [...]

3 Questions to Help You Make Sex in Marriage Better this Year

Is this the year sex in marriage gets better for you? Hold on to that [...]


Great Sex in Marriage. Honestly, It’s Not for Everyone.

Before you read too much into my headline, let me start with a disclaimer that [...]


4 Devastating Assumptions About Sex In Marriage

When it comes to sex in marriage, I’m convinced a lot of sexual struggles could [...]


3 Ways to Have Great Sex in 20 Minutes or Less

Phenomenal sex in marriage doesn’t have to take hours. And who are we kidding? If [...]