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Do You Have a Bias Toward Action in Improving Your Marriage?

I’ve been reading the book “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo. It is full of [...]

It’s Good to Ask for Help in Trying Times

These are trying times. For a lot of people and a lot of couples, these [...]

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If You Can’t Work on Your Marriage, Will You Work on You?

Countless marriages go through lulls where the relationship isn’t in jeopardy, but it’s not thriving [...]

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Can You Commit to a Future Conversation About Sex in Your Marriage?

I spend a lot of time thinking about sexual struggles. Sometimes my own. More often, [...]


Is Relational Drift Destroying Intimacy in Your Marriage?

Recently I watched the movie Outside In by Director Lynn Shelton. Shelton died unexpectedly of [...]


Healing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage: Dr. Jessica McCleese Passionate about Helping Couples

Dr. Jessica McCleese and I met the way I have met other Christians passionate about [...]


Boring Sex? Here are 3 Tips.

My husband and I have made love hundreds and hundreds of times. Have we ever been [...]


Giving My Body to My Wife — One Husband’s Story

Not long ago, I asked for readers' stories with regard to struggles in sexual intimacy [...]


The Altar of Indifference: Are You Sacrificing Your Sexual Intimacy?

I'm so glad Jim and Carrie Gordon of The Intimate Couple are adding their insights [...]