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What is Your Sexual Truth in Your Marriage?

Matthew West’s song “Truth Be Told” has wrecked my heart as of late. It is [...]


Merry Christmas in Such a Bewildering Year

Last Christmas, who could have fathomed what this Christmas would be like, right?! Even so, [...]

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Enrich Your Marriage One Small Choice at a Time

Recently, I have been making some choices to better my health. Further down in the [...]

What Will Be Peaceful for Your Marriage this Christmas?

For many of you, this Christmas is particularly stressful. Consequentially, your marriage may not exactly [...]

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Can You See Where You Get it Right?

I don’t vacuum as much as I probably should. And sometimes when I see photos [...]


Does the Chaos of Christmas Leave Room for Sex?

Christmas is in less than week. I like to think that this is the year [...]


Life is Measured in Moments. Don’t Miss Them.

My brother died recently at the age of 53, so my family has spent the [...]


Sexy Holiday Posts from My Blogger Friends

Christmas is almost upon us, so I wanted to share a few sexy posts from [...]

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Is 2021 Your Year for Relationship Resolutions?

My friends know I just love the start of a new year. Absolutely love it. [...]