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Do You Always Expect Your Spouse to Read Your Mind Regarding Sex?

This seems a bit counterintuitive. But bear with me. In marriage, we do spend quite [...]

Do You Know How to Physically Touch Your Spouse?

I remember a friend and I were talking once about how some people are “huggers” [...]

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How to Enjoy Sex Even if Your Adult Children Live With You

We have one adult child, but he doesn’t live with us. So my insights today [...]

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Make Some Fireworks of Your Own Tonight!

For my local readers—and by local I mean the United States— it’s 4th of July! [...]

3 Ways to Bring Your Wife Amazing Sexual Pleasure

Right from the get go, please know I don’t want to talk about microwaves and [...]


3 Tips to Fabulous Sexual Penetration and Thrusting

I’m often touting the deep need for healthy communication between a husband and wife about [...]


Starting Solo. Finishing Together. Ever Try It?

Years ago I received an email from a reader about something he and his wife [...]


The Arousing Power of Tingly Touch

I’ve been thinking a lot about touch. And then a dear friend and I were [...]

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Wives, Want to Be Turned On By GIVING Him Oral Sex?

It’s not too difficult to comprehend why receiving oral sex is pleasurable.  But what about [...]