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Will You Be Naughty and Nice With Your Beloved?

I’ve written you all a Christmas poem to inspire some good cheer and sexual fun. [...]


Don’t Miss this Free Online Marriage Forum

One of the best parts of being a Christian writer and speaker on marriage and [...]

What Will Be Peaceful for Your Marriage this Christmas?

For many of you, this Christmas is particularly stressful. Consequentially, your marriage may not exactly [...]

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Does the Chaos of Christmas Leave Room for Sex?

Christmas is in less than week. I like to think that this is the year [...]


Sexy Holiday Posts from My Blogger Friends

Christmas is almost upon us, so I wanted to share a few sexy posts from [...]

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When Was the Last Time You Had “Extra” Sex?!

I have the most amazing blogger friends, and today my friend Chris Taylor of Forgiven [...]


3 Unexpected Gifts Your Marriage Bed Needs Most

Ahhh, it’s that time of year when our attention (and wallet!) turn toward gift giving. [...]

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Stories of Hope to Encourage Your Marriage

Recently, I asked for stories of hope from my readers, and I want to share [...]

5 Core Truths About Sex Married People Shouldn’t Ignore

Before I get too much pushback on this post, I want you to know I [...]

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