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Are You Sabotaging Sex in Your Marriage Because of Your Past?

A friend and I were talking about how very few people come to marriage as [...]

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If your marriage has experienced the turmoil of an affair, you are not alone. Countless [...]

3 Things the Other Woman Wants You to Know About Your Husband and Sex

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How Do You Cope with a Sexless Marriage?

I can’t decide if my headline is a question I’m posing to those of you [...]


3 Powerful Ways to Reclaim Your Sexual Story as a Married Couple

I have spent years encouraging married couples to write a healthy and positive sexual story [...]

6 Lies About Sex in Marriage Many Christians Still Believe

Do you hunger for more passionate sexual connection in your marriage, but something keeps tripping you [...]


Still Drowning in Shame Over Your Past Promiscuity?

What is it about sexual sin that makes us hesitant to grasp God’s redemption and [...]


Are You More Concerned with Others’ Sexual Sin than with Your Own?

I tried about five different headlines on this blog post and I still am not [...]

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Still Clinging to Skewed Ideas About Sex?

I have a friend who never heard positive messages about sex from her mother. Her [...]