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3 Things Robbing Married Couples of Great Sex

Yes. I know. I’m living proof there are more than three things. I could lay [...]


What is Your Sexual Truth in Your Marriage?

Matthew West’s song “Truth Be Told” has wrecked my heart as of late. It is [...]


3 Ways to Agree on Sexual Frequency in Your Marriage

In all my years of speaking and writing on sexual intimacy in marriage, I have [...]


Will You Invest in Your Intimacy in 2021?

Will you invest in your intimacy in 2021? What does that look like for the [...]

Do You Shame Your Spouse for Wanting Sex?

This can be such a raw place for a husband and wife. One spouse desires [...]


Enrich Your Marriage One Small Choice at a Time

Recently, I have been making some choices to better my health. Further down in the [...]

Don’t Miss this Free Online Marriage Forum

One of the best parts of being a Christian writer and speaker on marriage and [...]

5 Core Truths About Sex Married People Shouldn’t Ignore

Before I get too much pushback on this post, I want you to know I [...]

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Which Sexual Intimacy Resources Have Helped You?

It’s not such a bad time to be a Christian who blogs about sex. Certainly, [...]