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Sex as You Age: What are Realistic Expectations?

When my husband and I married, we weren’t exactly twentysomethings abounding with energy. I was [...]


How Is Your Marriage Holding Up in the Pandemic?

I was telling a friend of mine today that I feel like we all—like, collectively [...]


Is the Love You Proclaim Incongruent with How You Behave Sexually?

I’ve been thinking lately about incongruency. I’ve been asking myself where my behavior is incongruent [...]

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My Sex and Car Analogy Is Worth Pondering

I questioned how to write a headline to capture what popped into my head this [...]

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When You’re Not Attracted to Your Spouse’s Naked Body

I’ve heard this go both ways. A husband thinks his wife is attractive with clothes [...]


Who Can You Talk to About Sexual Struggles in Your Marriage?

As someone who speaks and writes about sex, I tend to be quite comfortable talking [...]


Do You Have a Bias Toward Action in Improving Your Marriage?

I’ve been reading the book “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo. It is full of [...]

When Your Spouse Initiates Sex, What’s Your Gut Reaction?

At its simplest core, sexual initiation in marriage should be a given, right? God wove [...]


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