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Will You Invest in Your Intimacy in 2021?

Will you invest in your intimacy in 2021? What does that look like for the [...]

It’s Good to Speak Positively About Sex

Today my oldest son turned 22. When I first started blogging, he was around 11 [...]


Would You Tell Your Married Children to Avoid Sex IN Marriage?

I think we intuitively know that marriage without nurtured sexual intimacy is not the preferred [...]


Would Your Kids Be Comfortable Asking You Questions About Sex?

If your kid had a question about sex, how comfortable would they be asking you? [...]

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Are You More Concerned with Others’ Sexual Sin than with Your Own?

I tried about five different headlines on this blog post and I still am not [...]

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What Would Dr. Ruth Say about Sex in Your Marriage?

On a whim, I bought two tickets to a documentary on Dr. Ruth Westheimer. This [...]

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I Think Some People Missed What I Was Trying to Say…

I am fascinated when a post is widely received well, but then some people get [...]


5 BEST Ways Churches Can Sexually Help Marriages

One of the most popular posts on my site is 5 Reasons the Church Won’t [...]


Touch Podcast and Shannon Ethridge Generating Much-Needed Dialogue on Sex

I know I’m not revealing any big news flash here, but the church — the [...]

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