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5 Core Truths About Sex Married People Shouldn’t Ignore

Before I get too much pushback on this post, I want you to know I [...]

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How Will Sex in Your Marriage Look Different in 2021?

I don’t know about you, but it gives me hope to be looking ahead to [...]

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Who Can You Talk to About Sexual Struggles in Your Marriage?

As someone who speaks and writes about sex, I tend to be quite comfortable talking [...]


Do You Have a Bias Toward Action in Improving Your Marriage?

I’ve been reading the book “Everything is Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo. It is full of [...]

Is There a Double Standard in Marriage When it Comes to Orgasm?

For how far we’ve come with women’s equality, it’s fascinating to me that a wife’s [...]


What’s Getting in the Way of Sex in Your Marriage?

What strange times we are living in, right? A pandemic and economic upheaval and social [...]


Celebrate the Sexual Healing in Your Marriage

So many marriages face sexual intimacy struggles.  We probably could even argue that nearly every [...]

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Would You Tell Your Married Children to Avoid Sex IN Marriage?

I think we intuitively know that marriage without nurtured sexual intimacy is not the preferred [...]


Husbands and Wives Respond Differently to Sexual Rejection

I wasn’t sure how to write a headline to capture what I want to convey. [...]