Intimacy in Marriage

Encouraging Christian Women toward Healthy Sexual Intimacy

July 26th, 2011 by JulieSibert

Okay, I don’t know if your husband specifically has contacted me.

But I do know this. I hear from a lot of husbands via my blog. Frankly, many of them think I have some easy solution to get their wives to want to have sex with them.

Oh, how I wish that were the case.

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June 16th, 2011 by JulieSibert

Back in my days of living in the corporate world, motivational gadgetry was popular.

Everywhere I looked, I would see posters, paperweights and coffee cups emblazoned with someone scaling the face of a mountain or crossing some white-water rapids in a kayak (which, of course, is exactly what every person in a beige 5×5 cubicle needs to see to feel encouraged. But I digress.)

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