Wives, THIS Conference Could be a Game Changer in Your Marriage

I hear from wives regularly who want solid biblical insights that are relevant to their daily lives. They want insights that will encourage them to not only enrich their own walks with God, but also equip them to transform their marriages for the better.

You might be reading this right now and thinking, “Yes! That is exactly what I want. More ideas I can actually apply in my life.” F

Good news! The upcoming 2022 Wives of Integrity Online Conference includes 50+ video sessions and downloadable workbooks.

FREE registration for this event ends MAY 11!

Some of the topics you will have access to:

  • Four Strategies to Create an Unbreakable Marriage
  • Staying Close When Life Feels Far from Normal
  • 3 Ways to Create Intimate Sexual Connection in Your Marriage (That’s my session!!)
  • 4 Keys to a Faith-filled Marriage
  • Being Faithful Stewards of Our Finances
  • Life After Kids: Thriving in Your Empty Nest
  • Breaking Free from Self-Sabotaging Behaviors that Hurt You and Your Marriage
  • 3 Steps to Teaching Children a Biblical View of Money
  • The Four Phases of Healing After Sexual Betrayal
  • How to Overcome Body Image Struggles
  • Tethering to Truth when Marriage Feels Tangled
  • Becoming One Flesh: Handling Conflict in Marriage
  • 3 Secrets to a Happy “In Love” Marriage
  • Uniquely Two, United as One: When Opposites Get Married
  • In Sickness and in Health: How to Thrive in Marriage when the Unexpected Happens
  • 4 Simple Steps to Get Your Husband to Know What You Want from Him
  • Create a Thriving Marriage while Soaring Professionally


Registration for this conference is FREE!

If you register, you will have FREE access to the sessions for 24 hours once they go live over the 3-day period May 12-14.  Can’t make those dates? No worries. You will have an option for longer access!

I was part of this conference last year and know that lives and marriages were transformed. There simply is so much solid information that you can’t help but glean some info that applies to your circumstances.  I am often telling people that baby steps count. Seek out the resources. Find the ideas that resonate with your marriage and life and move in the direction of health, healing, and hope.

This conference is an avenue toward those insights. But you will miss out if you don’t take advantage of the free registration. Click this link for more details or the image below. You’ll be glad you did!

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