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Praise for Christine Hammond’s Book on Healing from Abuse

Through a college friend, I was fortunate to learn of the book “Abuse Exposed: Identifying [...]

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Is the Love You Proclaim Incongruent with How You Behave Sexually?

I’ve been thinking lately about incongruency. I’ve been asking myself where my behavior is incongruent [...]

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Are Incremental Changes the Secret to Better Sex in Your Marriage?

Let me tell you a story that will be a good segue into my topic [...]


Do You Want to Heal from Past Sexual Abuse?

With each passing decade, we collectively have become better at shedding light on sexual abuse. [...]


How Do You Loosen the Grip of Past Sexual Trauma?

Not long ago, someone shared vulnerably with me about a painful sexual abuse experience that [...]

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3 Signs You Truly Know Yourself Sexually

I devote quite a few posts to ways you can make sex amazing for the [...]


3 Tips on Blasting Beyond Skewed Messages About Sex

In a recent post, I asked if skewed messages about sex were still causing damage [...]


“Surprised by the Healer” Overflowing with Hope for Sexual Brokenness

Whenever I speak to women’s groups on sexual intimacy, I know that within the group [...]


It Happened Again. That’s Why I Believe You’ll Share This Post…

It happened again. An adult tried to lure a child into a car. In broad [...]