Sale! Pursuit of Passion Book at Great Price


pursuit-of-passionI have fabulous news!

My ebook Pursuit of Passion: Discovering True Intimacy in Your Marriage is on sale for $5.49 Kindle and $5.99 iBook.

This is a great way to invest in your marriage.   For about the cost of a latte, you can dig into insights and tips that could do wonders for your sexual connection.

And don’t forget about couples you know who are recently engaged or recently married!

So many marriages can begin with healthy sexual intimacy, but it takes a willingness to embrace what God says about sex and to see it as a valued part of the relationship.

Invest today in marriage — your own and others!

Click on the below link or the book image.

YES Julie! I Want to Know More About this Sale!

2 thoughts on “Sale! Pursuit of Passion Book at Great Price

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  2. H says:

    I bought this book a while ago and have just been reading it. I find one inaccuracy on page 128 near the bottom. Jeff and Glynis claim that nobody who saved themselves for marriage ever regrets it. I consider waiting for marriage to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. It resulted in me marrying a woman who has no interest in sex at all and only allows it a few times per year out of guilt. I was refused on our wedding night and most of our honeymoon except for one instance of guilt induced pity sex. I have remained faithful and nearly celibate for almost a decade now and nothing has changed. All this pain and neglect could have been avoided if I had ignored the rules and figured out all this before I married her. Now I will have to either endure a messy divorce just to be free to try to find someone who will love me, or live a miserable and lonely life and never even have a family. I truly and deeply wish I had not waited for marriage.

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