Anyone Want a Free Book?

I am all about continual learning, so I figured, “Why not give some books away?”Here’s what I am going to do…starting on April 1, I am going to give one marriage/sex book away EVERY month. Am I crazy or what?! Yeah, crazy. I get that a lot.I will just pull a random name from the emails on my list.  Not on my eNewsletter list?   Sign up here . You can sign up EITHER place on this page… under the newsletter sign up or the “Free Report” sign up.All the names go to the same list, so you don’t need to sign up more than once. In fact, don’t sign up more than once because that would just be crazy. If you signed up once, you’re in!Each month, I’ll just pull a name from the list, email the winner and say “Hey, you won!” Then I’ll ship the book out.Know of others who would like the chance to win a free book?! Well, pass the encouragement along. Let’s all be about nurturing sexual intimacy in marriage. First book will be INTIMATE ISSUES by Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus. Fantastic book! Stay tuned. You could be a winner April 1. And I’m not “fooling” around on this.

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