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How Can You Encourage Those Who Have Been Through a Divorce?

As someone who went through a divorce several years ago, I am intimately aware with [...]

Shannon Ethridge Launches New Website (And You’re Going to Love It!)

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VIDEO: Becoming Sexually Uninhibited in Your Marriage

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VIDEO: Cultivating Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage

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Great Book Giveaway! 10 Sex and Marriage Books to ONE Person. Be Sure to Enter.

*** UPDATE 10/15/18 *** I have drawn a winner of the Great Book Giveaway! Once [...]


Sexually Confident Couples Workshop. Could This Be For You?

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Healthy Sexual Intimacy as a Priority… A Guest Post by Shannon Ethridge

I am humbly grateful to have Author and Speaker Shannon Ethridge guest posting today.  I [...]


What You Need to Know About Your Sexual Fantasies

Have you ever had a sexual fantasy? It's a valid... albeit uncomfortable... question. Have you ever had [...]