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Hear Me Talking on the Radio about SEX!

On Oct. 2 I had a great conversation with Dr. Joanne Conaway on Power Hour [...]

Are You and Your Spouse Ever Having Sex Alone?

A husband and wife rarely have sex alone. That’s a weird way to say it. Let [...]


Don’t Like Sex? Have You Figured Out Why?

I’m going to start with a disclaimer. It’s the quickest way I can clarify my [...]


Praises for “The Unveiled Wife” by Jennifer Smith

  I recently finished reading Jennifer Smith’s book “The Unveiled Wife,” in which she chronicles [...]

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No Time for Your Husband? A Message for Work-at-Home Moms

Jill Hart at www.cwahm.com encourages work-at-home women and is the co-author of "So You [...]

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The Sexually Unavailable Wife

Hey all... my friend Eric over at www.BetterHusbandsAndFathers.com recently allowed me to guest post on [...]