Intimacy in Marriage

BETTER Sex in Your Christian Marriage

November 10th, 2015 by Julie Sibert

  I have great news! Author and speaker Dr. Juli Slattery has released a book I believe will become a vital

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October 7th, 2010 by Administrator

When I stumbled across a screen shot of Margot Starbuck’s book “Unsqueezed: Springing Free From Skinny Jeans, Nose Jobs, Highlights and Stilettos,” I knew I had to have a copy. So I did what any book-addicted sexual intimacy blogger would do. I contacted her and begged for a copy to review. (She obliged. After all, who really wants an annoying blogger begging for anything?)

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September 14th, 2010 by Administrator

It’s true. I’m wandering off my usual path of blogging about sexual intimacy to remind everyone that I give away a Christian marriage book every month. Yup. No catch. No charge. No requirement that winners of the books sing show tunes or eat spicy buffalo wings or even promise to always use their turn signal when they actually are going to turn.

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