I’m Giving Away Books. Want Some?

It’s true.  I’m wandering off my usual path of blogging about sexual intimacy to remind everyone that I give away a Christian marriage book every month.  Yup.  No catch. No charge.  No requirement that winners of the books sing show tunes or eat spicy buffalo wings or even promise to always use their turn signal when they actually are going to turn.

To get in on such a random drawing, all you need to do is be on my eNewsletter list.  Now, before you put on the brakes and think, “I don’t need one more thing cluttering up my in-box,” you should know that I am not always on top of getting this eNewsletter out.  And lately, sad to say, I have run into all kinds of technical glitches with the eNewsletter getting spam listed BEFORE it even gets to my list. (I know.  Can you believe it?  All because I use words like orgasm, penis and sex.  Can’t a Christian gal get a break?  I’m just your average every day woman who happens to really like talking authentically about sex.)

Fortunately, even though I am navigating eNewsletter delivery woes, I can still build a list of email addresses.

So, if you are on the list, way to go!  I’m applauding you right now as you read (can you hear it?). You’re in the random drawing each month.

If you are not on the list, I’m sad.  But you too can be on it.  All you need to do is go to this page on my website: https://intimacyinmarriage.com/newsletter-signup/.   Read it and then there’s a place to put in your email address.  Hallelujah!  If all the technical stuff works flawlessly, then voila… you’re on!  Or you can do it right here on this page…right over to your right (scroll down a little to the place that says Free Report).

Usually, the book I give away is a sex book, but sometimes it’s a broader relationship book.  Just before I wrote this post, I emailed a random person on my list to say they would receive Shaunti Feldhahn’s combo book pack of “For Women Only” and “For Men Only.”  Shaunti rocks!  She donated three sets of these books specifically for my giveaway, because she shares my passion for nurturing healthy relationships.  I really, really respect her work.

Tell your friends, your countrymen, your neighbors, the gal taking your order at Applebee’s — they too can have an opportunity each month to receive a book at no cost!  Equal opportunities here, as men and women are welcome to sign up on the list.

I know I sound all light and fluffy in this posting (like good cotton candy at the ball game).  But I am 100% serious and passionate about generating dialogue and shedding light on the topic of sexual intimacy.

Let’s ransom it back from the ravages of counterfeit images saturating our society.  Let’s get at the heart of the struggles and pain many married couples are enduring.

Let’s celebrate the beauty that exists within the pleasure and connectedness of oneness in marriage. God meant for sex to be a good and holy blessing within the sacred covenant of marriage.  When that happens… wow… it’s powerful… emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Let’s be about moving in that direction.  Are you with me?

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