Wives of Integrity Conference is Coming!

As a wife, do you want some encouragement? Do you want to know you are not in the journey alone?

If that describes you (and I imagine it does), I have great news! There’s an upcoming online Christian conference packed with helpful insights, wisdom, truth and reminders of God’s heart for you. 

Starting April 26, you can register for the 2021 Wives of Integrity Online Conference that has…get this...60 speakers! For real, you guys. And the conference is FREE.

Topics include everything from marriage to sex to parenting to money management to stress management and more! 

I am honored to be one of the speakers for the conference, which runs May 10-14.

Of course, I will be speaking about sex, but can you believe there are several other sessions on sex as well?! Makes my heart happy. AND there are so many other sessions you won’t want to miss. Godly compassionate speakers sharing nuggets of relational gold that could be transformational for your marriage and home.

So hold tight till Monday and then come back here.  I will be promoting it in a lot of other places too, so be sure to find my link and sign up for the free registration.  

Think of it this way… it costs you nothing to sign up and if you gained even a couple of things that encouraged you, it would be worth it. I’ve seen the session titles and I know you won’t be disappointed.

Remember, sign up for the 2021 Wives of Integrity Online Conference is Monday, April 26. Let’s do this!

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