Setting the Record Straight About An Article Making Its Rounds

There are things that are really hard and ugly about being a Christian who blogs about sex.

One of those things is getting nasty hate mail.  Another thing is getting a horrendous amount of sexually degrading spam.  (There is a reason I moderate my comments… If I didn’t, my comment section would be filled with porn links, explicit photos, etc.  Pathetic).

Another thing that is really hard about being a Christian who blogs about sex is what I want to talk about today — being misrepresented.   

It has come to my attention that the site Your Tango must be re-publishing or promoting again a few articles I wrote for them literally years ago.

I need to set the record straight on a few things.

I wrote four articles for them, under the premise that it would be an opportunity to represent sex in its right context of marriage, especially to an audience that possibly would not normally be exposed to solid Christian values.

I was a new marriage blogger, full of many naive ideas about how to best minister to a society that has incredibly loose and deplorable ideas about sex.

I thought writing about sex as God intended it would be a good avenue to speak light into darkness on a site that is not exactly a champion for such standard.

Unfortunately, the site then did things like make some changes to some of the writing, run an inappropriate picture with at least one of the articles, use headlines I didn’t write, etc.

They even ran an ad for on one of my articles when it first appeared.

(If you don’t know what is, please don’t Google it.  Let’s just say had I known such an ad was going to be anywhere near my article, I would have never agreed to write the article).

I haven’t written for Your Tango since 2010.  I’m wiser now about who I agree to write guest blogs for.

Somehow, the Your Tango article I wrote many years ago about submission (from a godly standpoint) is now appearing high on a Yahoo page somewhere.

I stand by what I express in the article, but sadly it is also generating the wrong kind of commentary in my email in box about a different kind of submission — the perverse kind of the Fifty Shades of Grey variety.

I have asked Your Tango to remove me from their site, but I’m not sure if they will do that.  Obviously I want to speak truth about what God says about sex and marriage, but I don’t know if being on a site like Your Tango is the best way to do that.

That is why I chose long ago to focus on my site and partnering with sites of other marriage bloggers.  I, unfortunately, can’t control if Your Tango decides to re-run an article.

My heart is that you will have discernment and know that if you want to read what is authentically me, you need to read my own site or the guest blogs I do for marriage bloggers I have come to know and trust.

Thank you for letting me set the record straight.

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