What are Your Biggest Sexual Roadblocks?

As I was pondering the best way to offer up some encouragement on sexual intimacy in your marriage, I couldn’t help but think about the roadblocks that stand in the way of a husband and wife experiencing passionate and authentic sexual intimacy—the kind of intimacy that is soul enriching and relationally transforming.

So I think I will do a blog series that unpacks the individual roadblocks so we can all get a better grip on how to address them, deal with them and hopefully overcome them.

Below are the ones I’ve come up with so far. My hope is that you will chime in with a comment or email me if there are roadblocks I’m missing that you would like included in the series.

I’m also still working on a name for the series, so be sure to check back. Maybe I will call it “Casting Off Sexual Inhibitors” or “Tackling Your Worst Sexual Roadblocks” or something along those lines. Thoughts on a series name?

Here are the topics I have so far, in no particular order:

Relational Struggles
Skewed Perspectives
Body Image Struggles
Lack of Pleasure
Health Issues
Not Enough Margin
Unhealed Trauma
Mismatched Drives

Of course, the wording on some of those could be tweaked, but I will nuance all that when I get to writing. Any other topics you think should be included? Let me know!

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3 thoughts on “What are Your Biggest Sexual Roadblocks?

  1. Darleen says:

    Am I too late to suggest a roadblock? How about dishonesty, not being honest with each other, lying. Puts up walls between each other. I was stuck there for years. Little lies. Too embarrassed to admit them. So self-centered.

  2. CDS says:

    For me, it is the feeling of inadequacy I feel when my wife doesn’t orgasms as she once did. She says she is very satisfied, and we have sex often.

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