Want a Stronger Marriage? Consider This…

If you are like most married people digging into marriage blogs, books and websites, it’s for the plain and simple reason you want a more connected relationship with the person you love.

And why wouldn’t you?!

This is after all the person you love and have been doing life with. It’s good to want that connection to be about more than paying bills, mowing the lawn, and figuring out which set of in-laws you’ll be with on Christmas Day.

Lord knows marriage is a messy endeavor, and it can be so challenging to be intentional. But there aren’t any short cuts, right? You have to be intentional.

I am a writer, speaker, author, and intimacy coach. That’s my wheelhouse, so I am always on the lookout for ways to help you get what you want. That’s why I’m excited to be on this upcoming online marriage retreat.  I will be talking about sex, of course (3 Ways to Get on the Same Page About Sex).  But there also are several other topics to help you in your marriage.

You don’t have to watch live, so it works great for your schedule.

You will have access to the videos for a year, so lots of time to go through them and find the insights that are revolutionary for YOUR relationship.

EARLY BIRD pricing on this conference is only $39, which I imagine is what you would spend on one evening out. Plus, you can get an additional 10% off with my exclusive promo code JULIE10.  Early pricing ends in about a week, though, so hop on the #promo link now to at least take a look.

Lots of insights. Get the $39 price before it goes up.  Want a stronger marriage? Consider this #promo link:

Yes, Julie! I Want a Stronger Marriage!

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