6 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

Happy Wives Club is encouraging all of us to share why we love our husbands!  I couldn’t resist such an opportunity…

Here goes…

1. He is my friend.

This man is such a good friend to me!  I mean, he’s an amazing lover and life partner as well, but it is indeed our deep abiding friendship that sustains us and enriches us in unfathomable ways.

When people ask me what makes a marriage strong, they always think I’m going to say “sex, sex and more sex.”  Yes, sex is awesome!

But sex isn’t what gets you through when life gets crazy, bewildering and hard.  What gets you through is friendship.

2. He believes in me.

This man wants me doing what I’m called to do. He wants me writing, speaking and offering hope into broken lonely places.  I could not do what I do if it weren’t for his unwavering support.

3. He is safe.

I admit it. When I first started to fall in love with him, I was a little gun shy.

I was scared.

I had come out of an incredibly painful and confusing divorce, so the thought of vulnerably and completely giving my whole heart to someone caused waves of apprehension in me.

And honestly, even after we married, it took me awhile to be willing to disagree — and even fight — with him.   My frame of reference was that when things get rough in a marriage, the husband leaves.

I am more than happy to report that my husband is so safe for me.  He’s not going anywhere.  He is completely trustworthy, and more than steady — even when I annoy him or when we disagree.

There is a lot — I mean a lot — to be said for safe haven within the covenant relationship of marriage.

4. He can fix anything.

Okay, I am not ashamed to say…  there are benefits to sleeping with a mechanic.  In my case, my husband fixes not only cars, but everything else.

If I had a buck for every time early in our marriage when I wanted to throw something away that I thought “would never work again” — only to have him then fix it — we would have way more money to spend on lingerie.

5. He genuinely cares about others.

He is a good son to his mother, a kind helper to our neighbors, and a patient listener to our boys. He has a kind and generous heart.

He never ceases to amaze me in the way he cares with his time, his hard work, and his love — and his ability to fix things!

6. He’s really hot in bed.

Come on now, I blog about sex, people!  You didn’t think this wouldn’t show up at least somewhere on my list of “reasons why I love my husband”?!!   I’m just sayin.

So there you have it. Some of the reasons why I love my husband.

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7 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

  1. Fawn Weaver says:

    Your #6 made me laugh out loud! You and J and Hot, Holy & Humorous certainly know how to make a gal blush! Thanks for liking up with us today! Let’s do it again next week :).

  2. Pearl says:

    I love #3!! Even though my background is a little different, it’s so important to be able to be absolutely vulnerable with your mister (whether sharing hurts/fears/annoyances or anything else) and know of his solid commitment.

  3. Olaf the great says:

    reasons she hates me:
    1) I’m technically unemployed 3+ years, on welfare to care for my disabled daughter. So, I am doing something wrong due to my inability somehow, so she does not trust my leadership.
    2) She claims I am to blame for my gay son (who has autism).
    3) Since I am unemployed, she had to go to work.
    4) All I want is sex (her claim)
    5) I am unloving ( whatever the *ell that means)
    6) I embarrass her friends to the point that she exagerates my success journey and hides how bad off our marriage really is.

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  5. Di webb says:

    My husband is my rock,my friend,my soulmate, I have been married before but it was a very abusive marriage, so when I first met him I wasn’t sure how to be with. Every time he wanted to hold hands or just give me a cuddle I would flinch and pull away from him, He didn’t give up on me he was so very patient, here we are now 16 year’s later and I still love him so much, everyday we say I love u to each other, I cant thank him enough for saving me, and for always being my rock,,

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