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14 thoughts on “Please check your email…

  1. Don says:

    Proverbs 5:18-19 KJV
    1 Corinthians 7:33 KJV. With emphasis on pleasing each other.
    1 Corinthians 16 KJV. Talks about greeting each other with a Holy Kiss.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Danny says:

    Hi I e been married for 34 hrs and I can count on both hands how many times we’ve been intimate my wife was abused as a child but I wasn’t told until after we were married, she actually told me she was a virgin, well here we are 34 yrs later and I have lost count on ways of tryn to ask her for intamacy, I guess I’m just so TIRED

  3. Ann says:

    I am going through menopause, and it is very important to me that I am able to satisfy my husband, so we will use a little bit of time to meet each other’s needs….. As for the use of sex toys, I will have them to satisfy his needs, because it turns him on to use them on me, I love to hold him and kiss him, we both are satisfied. That is what’s most important.

  4. Don says:

    I am coming up on 41 years married. April will be 3 years since we last had sex. Like a previous writer, Danny, I too married a woman who was abused as a child by her father, and she did not tell me until we had been married for 10 years.

    However, it has only been the past 3 years that she has once again pushed me away. She is telling me that it hurts when we have intercourse. I have suggested oral sex, which she previously enjoyed but now nothing. She says she does not have any feelings.

    As a Christian man and very involved in our church there is NO way I would have an affair or cheat.

    Thanks for listening.

  5. Erma says:

    I can’t climax while my husband is going down on me ?? He insist on oral sex and threatens to not have sex with me . Ultimatum learn how to climax or else !!

  6. Nicole says:

    My husband has no interest in sex. I finally realized, he never really had, in our relationship anyways. I was always the one to initiate sex. Whenever I tried to talk to him about it, he’d blow it off as he was just stressed or he needed to lose weight to feel more sexual, always saying it’d get better. I finally had a serious discussion with him in a nonjudgmental and nonthreatening way. Turns out he’s never had a lot of sexual desire. He wasn’t like most teenage boys thinking about sex all the time, masturbating, etc. I feel jaded. I have and have always had a very high sexual desire, but I’ve stopped initiating sex because there comes a point when it’s humiliating that your husband isn’t the one to come onto you. He is overweight and it does make our encounters a little more difficult, but I’m ok with that. I love him. I asked him to talk to his dr about doing some lab work to see if maybe he has a low testosterone level or something similar causing the lack of desire. Instead she prescribed viagra. Viagra is for helping to get an erection. He doesn’t have any trouble with getting an erection. He has a lack of desire for sex. Viagra doesn’t help that! I’ve done so much searching on the Internet. I even began to wonder if he is secretly gay. I really don’t believe he is. He doesn’t show any interest in men that I’ve noticed. Then I came across a term “asexual”, a person that just lacks any sexual desire for women or men. I’m seriously thinking this may be his issue. However, I don’t believe in asexuality. I believe that these individuals have a medical condition causing their lack of desire. This has really impacted our marriage. I resent him, there’s a huge distance between us that we are constantly trying to pull closer. I’ve tried to just forget about ever having sex again and learn to be ok with that because he is a good man, and I love him. Unfortunately, that tactic has not worked. It’s only made me realize how important that intimacy is to a successful marriage. We’re little more than roommates, and I don’t know how much longer we can keep going like this. I keep telling him how important this is and he keeps saying “I’ll do better, I’ll change.” He took me away for a weekend. I thought for sure, finally we’d have sex and he’d initiate it. Nope. I did get a kiss goodnight. Unbelievable! I don’t know how to save our marriage.

  7. Danny says:

    Nicole I’m so sorry and I know how you feel except in my case it’s reversed, I’m Danny I’ve posted here before and i just want to say you are in my prayers, and can you do me a favor and pray for us too, it’s been over 7 yrs now and I’m becoming so resentful and angry it’s just not fair i have been a good man and have been patient, I’m just soo tired now. Well God Bless you

  8. Marilyn says:

    I am reading your post and I am in tears. See I have been dealing with this with my Pastor husband. I have no one to talk to. After all we are the leaders and help everyone else. I knew the first week that I married my husband that something was off in our sexual intimacy. We dated for two years and honored the bible in our courtship. I realize now that he didn’t struggle like me during the dating phase because he didn’t have a strong sex drive.

    During our wedding night he could not penetrate my body. The next night was better. Later in the weak I initiated intimacy. He said no and that we had our entire lives for sex. Who does that? Needless to say the next six years was really horrible. I almost left but God intervened. We talked and things got better but quickly dissipated.

    Now two kids and 14 years later sex is no longer apart of our lives. Like previous writers he is a great man. He is faithful to me, kind and loving. We have fun together. He talks about going to the doctor but hasn’t. I was praying and found this site. Some days I was afriad that I would fall but haven’t. I kept telling myself that I am not the only one dealing with this situation. Thanks for letting me share In this group. I feel better just talking about it. I want you to also know that I have never broken our covenant. My faithfulness to God helps me to be faithful to him. I am a teacher of the word. I believe that if I walk through this correctly, God will use it to heal the hearts and marriage of others.

  9. Jim says:

    “Defraud ye not one another, except it be for a season that ye may give yourselves to prayer …” (1 Corinthians 7:5). God Himself assigned sexuality to human beings, fully intending for the crowning act of His creation to fulfill the response to that great privilege by exercising their capacity for sexual enjoyment regularly and without guilt or apology to anyone, anytime, anywhere. He, Himself made us that way; and He personally takes delight in our “doing it” in the holy confines of marital boundaries. He was also aware of, and deliberately caused to be, that the human need and capacity is guaranteed by a built-in “urgency” to “do it” regularly in a jealously committed relationship; but, whether or not one is in that kind of relationship, the need is there by reason of our being a created being – one designed commonly on par with every other human being, generally. “Generally”, because God may have a life of celibacy assigned to certain persons here and there in human history. That exception, however, only underscores the general rule that males and females have been deliberately endowed by our Creator with a “sex drive” that longs for each others cooperation in order to fulfill that need; and, that need “needs fulfilling” regularly and often. That it is innately recognized to be a sacred matter is testified to not only by Holy Scripture, but by the innate “claiming as one’s own” the one with whom “The Deed” is intended, is being done, or has been done. Humans have killed over someone seeking to claim the one with whom another has already had coitus. It is a “Built-in” thing, almost universally acknowledged as an exclusive “right” wherever mankind has inhabited the earth. And as scripture itself declares: “So be it!”

  10. sherry says:

    I hate this…..i have a good husband and is no longer attracted to him. We have 9 children together that i gave birth too.Theres a lot,its a long story,but i know what your thinking,they have great sex.Well…the truth is we did many moons ago when we were younger.In fact it seems like it was better then and changed after we got married.
    i keep racking my brain out wondering why have i felt this way for so many years.For years we would argue,fuss,fight and have our disagreements.I was a stay at home mom and he worked outside the home.When he came home i wanted attention,and to talk to a grown up after being at home with kids all day.He never made time for me,i felt like i was nothing I found out pornography was in our marriage,now i felt i couldnt compete with those women he was wanting to communicate with watch on the computer.I started falling into depression,spending hours in a day sad,crying,feeling alone.i felt like i didnt have a voice He made all the decisions,paid the bills,did the grocery shopping i was stuck in the house 99%of the time.I grew to hate him in a sense. And when he wanted sex,i just layed there,he did what he needed to do.It got worst a long with other events.I started seeking out my high school sweetheart,by phone then meeting up in public places,never private but i knew it was wrong.i hid that for years,off and on finding ways to talk or see this person.I came to a point where i began to focus on my marriage and after we both confessed our sins,but that sexual desire was gone,that physical attraction was gone.Weve tried counseling,it seems to help a little but my desire to be married has been gone for a long time.Just a year ago i filed for a divorce,paid for it and all but he begged me not to go through with it all to wait til after all the holidays.I waited,then he asked me to lets try counseling,so we did for months i chose to give it a hard try.My love for him is there but over the years i began seeing him as the father i never had.That makes it hard to be the wife i need to be.Now for a year now hes been trying extra hard to be the husband God has called him to be but wgen it comes to us being intimate its hard for me because of how i see him.

  11. Rick says:

    Do women really want intimacy, or just assets and financial care? Seems like there is a propensity to use sex to secure the things, and then leave the man alone, feeling used. Women really know “how” to be attractive when fishing, but quickly change when the fish is caught. Help me understand this . . .

  12. Louise says:

    You like the rest of us are struggling with an insecure spouse who has lost the plot in maintaining a healthy marriage-only thinking about themselves…seems like you to are developing resentful attitude! Check yourself properly and be on guard don’t let issues cloud your judgment on life and the decisions you are supposed to make in order for you to become better, not the latter!

  13. patrick says:

    33 yrs and enjoyed very well! But at our 7th born, we agreed that she undergo miner opperation so we stop having children and we continue enjoying sex and it has reduced her desires- why?

  14. Shelley says:

    I’ve been married for a liittle over 10 months, I love my husband treats me amazing and adores me, which is exactly what I asked in my prayer, and loves God very much and me, however he has the spark, chemistry, and loves my body. For me on the other hand I am not attracted to him he is skinny, and has difficulty on putting on weight and muscle. and I felt this way before we got married, I was concerned however I thought that is pretty shallow, he has so many other attributes that are very attractive, however it doesn’t help our intimancy. My ex I was highly sexual, but he wasn’t skinny there was muscle, to be honest I have never dated a skinny man. How can I be attractive sexually to my husband? I know making love is so important. I would love to have sex with him all the time, but for me to look at his body, I cringe when I see it. That hurts me inside because I want to be that wife that adores him, and give myself to him.

    I really struggle with this, I believe if I had that spark for him and chemistry this would be a lot easier to deal with.

    Please any suggestions so I can build a strong intimate marriage that God desires in a couple.

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