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Crissy Moran.

I'm guessing you've never heard of her. Do me a favor -- don't google her name.  I'm going to tell you what you really need to know about this woman and her amazing story of redemption.

See, here's the deal -- Crissy was a porn star making cash hand over fist to the tune of $15,000 a month.  (Now you know why I don't want you to google her name).

But Crissy's journey doesn't stay stuck in a place of sexual depravity. Her courage to walk out of that lifestyle -- and into one of salvation in Christ -- should compel every Christian to revisit the tenacity of our Savior.

If you were already stunned by His relentless pursuit of His children, Crissy's story will pierce your heart even more.

How did I hear about Crissy?

Well, I was just traipsing through blogger land, minding my own business rambling about sex, when I encountered Pastor David Cowan of Elevation Church in Phoenix.

He, his wife Kimme and the worship crew at Elevation Church understand what it means to reach out to "the least of these" and to share stories that need to be shared.  World changers I tell you, one soul at a time.

I have to give a shout out about this guy, because not only did he hear Crissy's story, he wrote about it. And Paul Morrell and Elevation Church went on to make a short film about it.

(How ironic is that... the same technology that once perpetuated skewed images of sexuality with Crissy is now being used triumphantly to accurately portray the beauty of her as a redeemed child of God).

The short film is titled OVERSOLD, and it uses modern day storytelling to revisit the path of Hosea in the Old Testament.  (You know... the prophet who God told to marry Gomer, who essentially was that day's version of a porn star).

You can view a trailer of the movie, order the film on DVD and a 4-week guide for small groups at this link.

I have no financial incentive to promote this.  I simply believe enough in David's heart and his desire that the church not ignore what it will take to shine light into the darkest of places.

David and Crissy also are available to speak and share more in depth about the story behind OVERSOLD. Contact David on twitter @DCCowan or on Facebook at  You can also find Crissy at

I imagine by this point I at least have your interest piqued, right? Well, go and download the film and watch it.

I watched it and was tenderly reminded that God looks not for hearts and lives that are all bright and shiny and clean -- He longs instead for each of us to recognize our brokenness and sin and run full force with all of it into His embrace.

You also can read what Christianity Today shared in an interview with Crissy Moran.  Thank you everyone involved in OVERSOLD for your courage.

If you believe in even a small way that this message of redemption and hope is needed, please tweet and facebook this post.

Spread the word.  Do what you can to partner with people who are trying to shine light into dark places.  Those places are desperate for hope, and the extent to which those of us who already know God's love are willing to go makes a difference.

It loosens the grasp the enemy has on God's precious gift of authentic sexual intimacy and sexuality.

(Personally, I just want to smash Satan's hand with a hammer, but alas... I'll have to keep writing and speaking and shedding light till a hammer appears. I'm good with that. No matter what, God wins.)

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